Salem's introduction

I completely forgot about this community. I don't even remember if I introduced myself. I go by Salem, and I bleach clothing and patches using stencils. I'm taking little steps at a time, and I recently rose to the challenge of using multiple layers.  Here's a sample of some of my work.

[All links are to DeviantArt and are safe for work.]

I believe this was my first bleach stencil I worked with. My old friend Laken wanted me to bleach her art-deco raven design onto a shirt, and I was happy to oblige. I used 4 different stencils on this, but only one layer.

I made this patch after I finished playing through Mirror's Edge. I absolutely love that game, and I wanted the runner logo on my pants. ^^

I absolutely love this project: bleach bracelets. The one shown here is one I made for myself. It had a different design on each side, and was held together with magnets, so it was easily reversible. I made one for my friend, too, with a different design that featured 2 layers. :D But I don't have the image online, so I will show off that one later.

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is this community still active where i could ask for someone to create a stencil from a image i can provide.i would appreciate someone to take the time,a layered stencil would be preferred but whatever anyone can help me with would be post the image in the comments if anyone responds. :)

Showing Off

I'm not sure if I ever introduced myself to this community. My name is Salem, and I cut stencils to use with bleach on fabric. I enjoy what I do very much.

I notice there's a lot of begging for stencils, and not enough showing off. So here I will show some of my recent projects.
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I have a few more recent ones, but the images aren't online or on this computer I'm using, so it'll have to wait.