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Showing Off

I'm not sure if I ever introduced myself to this community. My name is Salem, and I cut stencils to use with bleach on fabric. I enjoy what I do very much.

I notice there's a lot of begging for stencils, and not enough showing off. So here I will show some of my recent projects.

Bleach Bracelet 01 by ~Erzahler on deviantART
This is a black denim bracelet I made with a pattern bleached into it.

Mirror's Edge - Bleach Patch by ~Erzahler on deviantART
This is a patch (I make many of them) featuring the logo from Mirror's Edge.

I have a few more recent ones, but the images aren't online or on this computer I'm using, so it'll have to wait.


Mar. 20th, 2011 07:14 pm (UTC)
right on, thanks for sharing.