Salem Gambit (bloggerbytrade) wrote in stencil_swap,
Salem Gambit

Salem's introduction

I completely forgot about this community. I don't even remember if I introduced myself. I go by Salem, and I bleach clothing and patches using stencils. I'm taking little steps at a time, and I recently rose to the challenge of using multiple layers.  Here's a sample of some of my work.

[All links are to DeviantArt and are safe for work.]

I believe this was my first bleach stencil I worked with. My old friend Laken wanted me to bleach her art-deco raven design onto a shirt, and I was happy to oblige. I used 4 different stencils on this, but only one layer.

I made this patch after I finished playing through Mirror's Edge. I absolutely love that game, and I wanted the runner logo on my pants. ^^

I absolutely love this project: bleach bracelets. The one shown here is one I made for myself. It had a different design on each side, and was held together with magnets, so it was easily reversible. I made one for my friend, too, with a different design that featured 2 layers. :D But I don't have the image online, so I will show off that one later.

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