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Casey Affleck Christmas Help!

Would anyone be able to make me a Casey Affleck stencil? My friend is REALLY into him and I want to make her a t-shirt for Christmas. As usual my stencil making skills are holding me back. I don't care what picture you use just as long as it looks like him! (That's where my stencils seem to go wrong)

Thanks to anyone who decides to take on this challenge!


Could Anyone Help me out with a Dexter Morgan Stencil? My computer is being weird with its programs and it wont let me edit pictures to my liking :(
I would really appreciate it

Thanks :)

oh my, stencils.

hi all!

just wanted to let you all know about my stencil blog - i design, hand draw, and cut stencils of various movie and television quotes, as well as song lyrics!

check it out here! drop me a note over there if you have a specific quote or lyric [or of anything, really!] you'd like to see in stencil!

Help with a stencil please :)

I've been trying and trying to find a pharrell logo(where he's doing the Star Trak logo with is fingers) and I can't seem to find one anywhere. I also tried to make one in photoshop and failed miserably, so if someone could help me I would appreciate it SO much!

Preferably this picture if you can make it work? But if it won't work, I can try and find another suitable picture. Thank you anyone in advance!


Birthday stencil!

Can someone turn this into a stencil pretty please :) I've tried a million times, but for some reason I can't change the saturation of this picture on photoshop. Maybe because of the background? I'm not sure.

Multilayer or single is fine - it's not being printed anyway, I just like the stencil style. Preferably multi please :)



I really need some stencils of dolphins I want some cartoonist and some realistic. Thanks!
I'm looking for stencils of birds. :) Specifically birds perched on branches, but I'm not too picky. Any links? Thanks!


No Monroe or Hepburn.

All I can ever find are Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn stencils. Where are the Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth and Janye Mansfield stencils? No where to be found! That's why I have to come here. Can someone make some these picture stencils for me?

  Liz, Rita and Jayne. Collapse )

Unfortunately I don't have anything in stencils to offer at this point. My whole computer was whiped out. Ugh..

Thanks in advance!

**EDIT** I found two Elizabeth Taylor stencils floating around the internet. After the jump!

ETCollapse )

ETCollapse )